Alfa Romeo 4E To Be Launched As Electric 4C Replacement: Report

In 2019, Alfa Romeo enthusiasts received the somber news that the beloved 4C was coming to an end. The small sports car, which debuted in Coupe form in 2013 and as a Spider in 2015, was now officially out of production for the entire world. The Coupe had already bid farewell to the US market in 2018, leaving only the remaining 4Cs in dealer inventories as the last chance for potential buyers to own this Italian gem.

However, Alfa Romeo is now a different company. One that is profitable again and aiming for a new sales record around the middle of the decade. It is now setting its sights on the future with ambitious plans for a new electric roadster, according to a new comprehensive report by Autocar. This move is part of a broader electrification strategy aimed at expanding and revitalizing the brand’s lineup.

The unveiling of the 33 Stradale supercar marked a significant milestone for Alfa Romeo as it introduced the brand’s first-ever electric powertrain. Building on this momentum, the Italian automaker is gearing up to introduce an electric small SUV in 2024, followed by electric replacements for the Giulia sedan and Stelvio SUV. The grand finale in this electrification roadmap will reportedly see Alfa Romeo introduce larger sedan and SUV models, specifically targeting the Chinese and American markets, as well as an electric replacement for the 4C.

During a conversation with Autocar at the launch of the 33 Stradale, Alfa Romeo’s product boss, Daniel Guzzafame, dropped hints about the upcoming electric roadster. He suggested that it might inherit the iconic Spider name, citing its deep-rooted heritage and association with the Alfa Romeo brand.

“There are some items from Alfa Romeo that we don’t kill: one is the Spider, the other is a love of cars,” he remarked. “We do want to continue them because that’s the brand. And that’s in our ideas, so let’s see if we can make that a plan.”

While it’s probable that the new Spider will bear the 4E badge, corresponding with its zero-emissions powertrain, this detail has yet to be officially confirmed. Guzzafame explained that the name for a new model is typically decided “very late” in the development process to prevent leaks.

But is there a good business case for such a niche vehicle? “Alfa Romeo is Spider, and when you think about Spider, you think about Alfa Romeo. At the moment, we’re stable enough, and we do have the right basis. The main point is to make sure that when we do it, we are credible, are sustainable and don’t just throw something on the market for the sake of it,” Guzzafame explained.

In the tech department, expect the new electric roadster to ride on Stellantis’ STLA Medium platform, shared with models like the new Peugeot e-3008 and the upcoming electric Giulia. And the debut date? Don’t expect it before 2027.

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